Estonia children's charity plans to donate teddies to police

An Estonian charity plans to donate two teddy bears to every police car in the Baltic country in case officers need to comfort traumatized children.

Kaur Vahtrik, a spokesman for the Traumamommik charity, or "Trauma Teddy," said Friday that it already has raised nearly 4,000 euros ($4,270) through a crowd funding campaign, more than half of the target of 7,000 euros set for the end of April.

About 1,000 teddies will be handed over to the Estonian police on June 1, International Children's Day.

He said the bears will help children "overcome traumatic experiences" that have occurred on roads, in schools or at home. About 1,000 such incidents happen in Estonia every year, of which 300 are traffic crashes.

Similar campaigns have been successfully conducted in Australia and the Netherlands.