Dutch lawmaker aims to exhibit 'Muhammad' contest cartoons in parliament

The Dutch lawmaker who served as keynote speaker at the terrorist-targeted "Draw the Prophet" event in Texas – and was a likely target himself – plans to ask his country’s parliament to publicly exhibit the controversial drawings.

“The terror attack shows that we should never give in or be intimidated by violence."

— Geert Wilders, Dutch lawmaker

Saying he seeks to demonstrate Western defiance in the face of Islamic extremism, Geert Wilders told FoxNews.com that giving even more publicity to the cartoons – which many in the Muslim community deem offensive ­– is the best way to stand up to the terror threat.

“I intend to formally request the board of the Dutch Parliament to allow an exhibition of the Muhammad cartoons from Garland,” Wilders told FoxNews.com. Garland is the Texas city where Sunday’s event took place.

“The terror attack shows that we should never give in or be intimidated by violence, and the best way to show that violence is not effective is to show the Muhammad cartoons in as many places as possible – including at the Dutch Parliament.”

A Garland traffic cop cut short the terror attack by shooting dead the heavily armed suspects – named as Elton Simpson and his roommate Nadir Soofi – with his service pistol before SWAT teams moved in to further secure the area.

By Tuesday, ISIS -- the terror group that has declared an independent Islamic “caliphate” in territory captured from those two countries – was claiming credit for the attack in a radio announcement, and identifying the gunmen as "two soldiers of the caliphate.”

The claim was the first by the terror group of an attack in its name on U.S. soil, though the extent of links between the gunmen and ISIS remains under investigation.

Wilders, who had delivered his address and left the building before the attack took place Sunday, later told FoxNews.com that the U.S. can expect more such terrorism strikes.

"I fear you haven’t seen anything yet,” said the lawmaker, whose Party for Freedom – the fourth largest political party in the Dutch Parliament – runs on an anti-Islamic and anti-immigration platform.

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