Chinese city denied Guinness world record of 4 tons of fried rice because some was wasted

Guinness World Records has denied a Chinese city's attempt at a new mark for the biggest serving of fried rice ever cooked, saying Yangzhou violated rules by wasting 150 kilograms (331 pounds) of the feast.

According to a posting on the record book's Chinese microblog, organizers said 4 metric tons (8,820 pounds) of cooked fried rice was distributed to five different outlets. However, it said a portion had been handled inappropriately, violating the organization's rules requiring that the food not be wasted.

Local media quoted the Yangzhou tourism bureau as saying some of the rice was considered inedible and sent to a farm to feed pigs.

According to Guinness' website, the Turkey Culinary Federation served up a record 3,150 kilograms (6,944 pounds) of fried rice last year.