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Google has reorganized under Alphabet -- so what does its launch mean for users and shareholders? Our editorial director Ray Hennessey explains the strategy behind the search giant's massive overhaul, what it means for co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and why the emergence of this new umbrella company is " nothing short of breathtaking."

Airbnb may have revolutionized budget travel but it's also transforming the luxury sector in Paris. The house-sharing site's recent boom in the city of light is leading some hoteliers to call the startup "a menace."

Yard work is one-step closer to becoming a hands-off chore. U.S. regulators just approved technology for a robotic lawn mower from iRobot, the makers of the Roomba after The National Radio Astronomy Observatory tried to block the device, reports Reuters.

And an app that helps users snap the perfect selfie is expanding. Facetune just raised $10 million, its first round of VC funding. The selfie-editing app already lets users remove blemishes, whiten teeth and cover bald spots -- but its parent company plans to roll out new products to help users "glammify" their pics.

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