US seeks information from Pakistan on list of names

Pakistan's intelligence agency has received two lists of names from U.S. officials seeking information believed to be related to the Boston Marathon bombings, sources in Pakistan have told Fox News.

The names on the lists have not been disclosed but include both Pakistani citizens and dual U.S.-Pakistani nationals, the sources told Fox News. U.S. officials want to know if any of those named had links to militant or religious extremist groups in Pakistan, the sources said.

Pakistani intelligence is also expected to check the names of those who recently traveled to or from Pakistan, along with information on their relatives, friends, and places they may have visited.

"The Americans have shared lists with us, comprising names of some suspects - mostly dual nationals. Now we are probing their links in Pakistan with any group, their recent visits to Pakistan and places they travelled to during their stay here," said a Pakistani intelligence official who requested anonymity.

The official declined to share further information, citing the ongoing investigation.