Traffic alert about women drivers, ObamaCare costs contractor his job

A technology contractor at the North Carolina Department of Transportation was fired Wednesday after sending out an erroneous tweet that an accident was caused by women drivers and ObamaCare, The News Observer reported.

Mike Charbonneau, an agency spokesman, did not identify the culprit, but said in a statement that the contractor, hired six months ago, was fired "immediately."

The report said the agency usually sends out various alerts about traffic in the Raleigh area. But on Wednesday, just before the evening commute, an alert went out about a crash on an interstate.

The the alert blamed "Women Drivers, Rain, ObamaCare," the report said. It was followed by another alert to just "Stay Home."

The error occurred when the contractor was performing tests on the system and failed to turn off the external feed, Charbonneau said.

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