Texas man leads police on chase in stolen ambulance

A patient at a Texas hospital allegedly stole an ambulance Thursday morning and led police from several jurisdictions on a chase – during which he reportedly stuck his head out the window and gave triumphant fist bumps to observers -- before he returned to the location where he was originally detained...and where he was detained again by authorities, according to local media outlets.

As police chased him, he was allegedly captured on the EMS radio yelling: “You little brain-washed [expletives]. God’s got the microphone now. Obey your God or die!”

The man, who has not yet been publicly identified, ended up at the hospital after he was taken there by emergency workers responding to a call about him yelling and tearing up mailboxes in his neighborhood.

“He was uprooting mailboxes with a steel pipe and concrete,” Stede Grissom, who witnessed the chaos, told the local ABC News station.

After the man reportedly stole the ambulance, he reportedly tried returning to his neighborhood in the emergency vehicle.

A reporter for KHOU, a local CBS affiliate, tweeted: “Here's the patient, who police say stole an ambulance from #Kingwood Med Center and led them on a wild chase. He put up a fight. The bizarre part, he drove back to SAME neighborhood he was picked up from for tearing up mailboxes etc. hours earlier.”

At about 5 a.m., police tweeted: “Vehicle pursuit concluded…Male stole ambulance from Kingwood hospital. Ambulance spiked. Suspect in custody.”


It is unclear what charges the man will face.