Teen's fireworks burn down neighbor's Washington home, investigators say

Fireworks spark flames at a Pierce County, Washington home that has now left a family homeless. Investigators say it all started when a teen unintentionally shot fireworks into their neighbor’s home in Graham Saturday night, first starting on the side and the spreading into the attic.

“It rapidly spread, and when we got here, we had a pretty involved attic fire at the time,” said Graham Fire & Rescue Assistant Fire Chief Steve Richards.

Kathy Heller lived in the Graham home for 15 years. She walked us through it and showed us damage done to her kitchen and living room. She even got emotional as she explained she has nearly lost everything she owned.

“The pictures that I had of my husband who passed away-- all gone,” she said.

(Graham Fire & Rescue)

When Heller returned from dinner she saw firefighters blocking her street, but didn’t think they were at her home.

“At first I thought it was a neighbor’s house until I realized it was mine,” said Heller. “It was very scary and we had two dogs in the house but luckily our neighbors were able to kick the door in and get our dogs out.”

Graham firefighters say this could’ve easily been avoided, as with most fires and injuries related to fireworks.

“You don’t realize it until it happens to you how really dangerous it is,” said Heller.

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