A South Florida soldier is speaking out for the first time after his home was invaded while he was on duty in the Middle East.

Staff Sergeant David Consuegra is home after fighting in the Army National Guard in Afghanistan. Last month, North Miami Beach Police found 22-year-old Shello Souvenir and 20-year-old Ralph Garnier inside Consuegra's home while he was still serving. "I think they know I'm always traveling, and I live by myself," said Consuegra.

Police said Souvenir and Garnier entered the home through the kitchen window and made there way inside. "They broke in and what I think is that I don't have anything they would want to steal, only furniture. So they just wanted to chill out," said Consuegra.

The suspects made themselves comfortable in the guest bedroom and grabbed a movie from Consuegra's collection, "The Mummy Returns." "I don't know, they probably wanted to see something scary," he said.

Consuegra said the punishment should not be easy for whoever is convicted of a crime. "If I were the judge I'd send them to the Army or the Marines and send them to Afghanistan," said Consuegra.

Souvenir and Garnier were charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, and are scheduled to appear in court next week. 

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