Poll Position & Fundraising: All About Hillary & Jeb

New Associated Press/GfK polling suggests Hillary Clinton has taken a hit among Democrats. The new polls shows an 11 point drop in her positive ratings since April among Democrats. Among Democrats her approval is 70%. Bernie Sanders is the primary beneficiary, though she remains the clear front-runner. Among all Americans, 39% have a favorable opinion and 49% unfavorable.

A new ABC/Washington Post poll shows 52% have a favorable view of Mrs. Clinton.

That same poll shows 6 in 10 Republicans now have a favorable view of Donald Trump. Still, among all Americans Trump is seen as unfavorable by 61% and just 33% view him favorably. Jeb Bush still tops Trump by 6 points.

New Fox News polls come out tonight.

In the battle for fundraising, Hillary Clinton is bringing in a lot of cash. She’s raised 47 million dollars, but The New York Times today writes, “Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign has been slow to harness the fund-raising power of the Democratic Party's legions of grass-roots donors, according to reports filed Wednesday, a weakness that her campaign is racing to combat.”

The Washington Post reporters Matea Gold and Anu Narayanswamy write today, “Clinton, who raised the largest sums of any official campaign, was quick to start spending the money. Her committee raced through nearly $19 million in less than three months, even before beginning expensive TV buys. Millions went to hire hundreds of staffers, a sign of how rapidly it has sought to ramp up a national infrastructure.”

Still money is pouring in to both Clinton and Republican frontrunner Jeb Bush.

The Wall Street Journal reporters Rebecca Ballhaus and Beth Reinhard write, “Wall Street opened its wallet for Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in their first weeks as candidates, despite the sometimes tough talk on the campaign trail about closing the nation's wealth gap.”

Money is also pouring into so-called Super Pacs.

The Washington Post also reporting, “Nearly $4 out of every $5 raised so far on behalf of GOP White House contenders has gone to independent groups rather than the official campaigns.” Super Pacs are bringing in the real cash right now.

We’ll be monitoring live events from Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush today. Carl Cameron reporting. Hillary Clinton is holding a town hall at 2pm.

President Obama speaking at a prison in Oklahoma today continuing his push to reduce mandatory sentences and decriminalize some minor crimes. Bill Clinton is apologizing for some of the provisions of tough on crime measures he passed as President. Both men say it’s led to too many people being jailed in the U.S.

Vice President Biden is on Capitol Hill today selling skeptical Democrats on the new nuclear deal with Iran.

Greece has agreed to strict new austerity measures as a provision of a new bailout.. despite big protests against the third bailout from the EU in Athens last night. Amy Kellogg reporting.

The death toll expected to rise today after deadly flooding tore through parts of Kentucky. At least three are dead, and another five are missing.

One of the seven FIFA officials arrested on suspicion of corruption has been extradited to the United States.

There’s been another series of laser pointers aimed at passenger jets at New York-area airports. Laura Ingle reporting.

Dylan Roof who is suspected to a massacre at an African-American church in Charleston will be presented with indictments in a courtroom today in South Carolina.

Jury deliberations continue in Colorado in the mass murder trial of James Holmes for killing 12 people in  the Aurora movie massacre.

Emmy nominations come at 11:30am ET.

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