Nudist, anti-bathing cult leader and followers arrested for violating Hawaii quarantine rule

The leader of a cult that doesn't believe in wearing clothes or bathing and has been kicked out of multiple countries was arrested along with 20 members in Hawaii this week, according to reports.

Eligio Lee Bishop, leader of the Carbon Nation Cult, and his followers were nabbed on Hawaii’s big island Wednesday and Thursday for violating the state’s emergency orders, Hawaii News Now reported.

Bishop, who refers to himself as “Christ” and  “God," arrived with his followers earlier this month, but ignored the state's 14-day Coronavirus quarantine order. Most of the members are from out of state, but those arrested included a 42-year-old woman who lives on the island where police mand was charged under Hawaii's “prohibited acts emergency management,” the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported.

Bishop and members of the cult have been booted from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, according to The Costa Rica Star.

The cult practices nudism and polygamy and does not wash. Bishop’s followers reportedly turn over their bank accounts to him, according to the newspaper.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reports Bishop was a “model, stripper, prostitute and barber” before becoming a cult leader.

“Of the 20 individuals that we arrested for quarantine violations from out of state, every single one of them were 100% compliant, 100% understanding … did not give the police one ounce of resistance and thanked us for doing things the way we did,” a police spokesman told the Tribune-Herald.

“We broke the law. This is what happens. You gotta stay in quarantine for 14 days. It is what it is. We broke the law. They’re doing their job,” Bishop said on social media, according to KHNL.