A North Carolina preschool used flash cards featuring LGBTQ themes to teach kids colors, including one card depicting a pregnant man.

"Schools should only be using age-appropriate materials, and these flashcards clearly do not meet that standard for a pre-school classroom," Republican State Rep. Erin Paré said in a statement after being alerted to the cards by a constituent, according to North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore. 

Paré said a concerned constituent emailed her about the cards that were being used to teach preschoolers colors at Ballentine Elementary School in Wake County, NC. Paré then contacted the principal of the elementary school in an attempt to verify the use of the cards in class, with the principal taking "swift action" to investigate the constituents claims. 

The principal was able to locate the cards in the preschool classroom and verify with the teacher that they had been used to teach colors, which the principal said was approved curriculum at the school. The principal took possession of the cards and alerted the district superintendent and human resources about the incident, which she said she was unaware of until being alerted to the situation by Paré.

LGBT cards depicting pregnant man for preschoolers

LGBT themed cards a preschool teacher was using to teach kids colors (NC State Rep. Tim Moore)


"I am grateful that a concerned constituent reached out and that this issue is being addressed in a swift and professional manner by Ballentine Elementary School,"  Paré said.

The incident comes amid an effort in the North Carolina General Assembly to pass legislation aimed at giving parents more control over what their children are taught in school, including giving them the option to opt out of what they consider "age-inappropriate classroom materials."

Pride flag

Pride flag. (Reuters)

In the meantime, Paré said the situation schools across the state should use the response of Ballentine Elementary as an example.


"I hope schools across Wake County and the State of North Carolina will follow the example of Ballentine and respond swiftly when a parent expresses concern and ensure that materials like this are not being used to teach young students,"  Paré said.