New York City police have arrested two teenagers on murder charges after a good Samaritan died trying to save a man they allegedly knocked off a subway platform as an oncoming train approached.

Roland Hueston, a 36-year-old from the Bronx, died in the early hours of New Year’s Day after attempting to save an assault victim from an oncoming subway train.

It happened around 2:40 a.m. at the Fordham Road subway station on Jan. 1 when the suspects pulled a knife on a 38-year-old man and attacked him, police said.

The suspects being sought in connection to the subway attack.

The suspects being sought in connection to the subway attack. (NYPD)


He stumbled off the platform as a subway train came screeching toward the station – and Hueston leapt into action to save him, police said.

The assault victim suffered a broken arm in the attack but escaped getting hit by the train, according to authorities.

"He died the way he lived, helping people," Hueston’s mother, Milicent Hueston, told the New York Daily News. "There is no greater love than this -- that a man lay down his life for his fellow man."

Basilia Paulino, the mother of the other victim, told the New York Post earlier this week that she was praying for Hueston.

"He went to help my son, and look what happened," she said. "He should be in God's glory, that man.

Naheem Henry, who identified herself as a close friend of Hueston's, wrote in a Facebook post that she was "lost for words." He was "like a brother" to her siblings and like a son to her parents.

FILE - The Fordham Road subway station in the Bronx

FILE - The Fordham Road subway station in the Bronx (iStock)

The Facebook profile she tagged in Hueston's name identified him as a security officer and Bronx native.

The NYPD did not release the juvenile suspects’ names – but they are 17- and 16-year-old boys. They were arrested Wednesday in the NYPD’s 44th and 46th Precincts. Police earlier released an image showing 11 people, including three females, they want to identify in connection with the crime.

Despite providing surveillance images of the group, police told Fox News Digital they did not have video showing the attack.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.


Both teens were charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, gang assault and assault.

The 17-year-old suspect is also facing charges of attempted murder and attempted manslaughter.

A day after the Fordham Road station assault, the NYPD said someone stabbed another man from behind twice on a Manhattan-bound A train platform in Queens.

Police statistics show transit crime complaints were up 107% through the first nine days of 2022 over last year, the most recent data available.

Fox News’ Sarah Rumpf contributed to this report.