Raccoon in New Jersey attacks 2 people, chases kids, charges at cops, reports say

A raccoon is being tested for rabies after it reportedly attacked two people, chased a group of children and charged at police in New Jersey on Thursday.

The raccoon lunged at an 82-year-old man sitting on a chair in front of his home in Maywood around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, NorthJersey.com reported Detective Sgt. Matthew Parodi with the Maywood Police Department said. The man reportedly suffered bites to his arms and legs.

Half an hour later, the raccoon chased a group of children and one adult in the backyard of a home about two miles away but did not bite anyone, Parodi said.

The raccoon then made its way to another nearby street and reportedly attacked a 72-year-old man from behind as he was doing yard work.


The 72-year-old, who had a large wound on his back, and the 82-year-old refused emergency medical attention, the website reported.

Police later found the raccoon trying to get into a window of a home, WABC-TV reported. While there, the officers reportedly used a Taser on the animal, but it had no apparent effect.

About 20 minutes later, officers were in a backyard in the area when the raccoon appeared again and was aggressive, according to the television station, which added that one officer fired three rounds at the animal but did not hit it.


Animal control eventually was able to capture the raccoon alive and it will be tested for rabies, with the results expected in four business days, Parodi said.

Maywood is a half-hour's drive northeast of Newark.