Medieval Times sword shard allegedly blinds man during honeymoon

A South Dakota man claims he was partially blinded while watching a swordfight on his honeymoon at the Medieval Times restaurant in Southern California after a flaming shard of metal struck his eye.

In a lawsuit announced Tuesday, Dustin Wiseman and his wife Melissa say they were in front-row seats at the Buena Park restaurant in 2011 while performers had a sword fight in front of them.

The honeymooners from Estelline, S.D. say they were eating their dinner when a shard flew into Dustin's eye, tearing his cornea, injuring his retina and ultimately blinding his left eye.

"The only thing they actually did was go to the beach, then go to Medieval Times and go to the hospital,"  Jason Fowler, the couple’s attorney, told

The lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages.

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A call to Medieval Times seeking comment Tuesday was not immediately returned.

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