Marcus Luttrell, Texas residents helping World War II vet rebuild home hit by Harvey for 100th birthday

A 99-year-old World War II veteran who served in Europe now faces a new challenge, after his Houston home was flooded by Tropical Storm Harvey's devastating deluge.

Bill Fly said the home he bought with his wife in 1972 never flooded before, so he didn't have flood insurance.

“It’s hard to realize that used to be in my house,” Fly told KHOU, looking at his former possessions that had now become rain-soaked garbage.

Fly's wife, Mary Beth. passed away just three months ago, and the veteran suffered another loss when Harvey's floodwaters inundated his home, taking the letters, photos and papers about his wife.

Now a group of volunteers, including former Navy SEAL Mark Luttrell, the man who inspired the book and movie “Lone Survivor,” are working to get Fly back into his home in time for his 100th birthday on Nov. 1.

Luttrell’s wife, Melanie, set up a fundraising drive to help Fly, which had a goal of $75,000 but topped $80,000 as of Thursday morning. She told KHOU the extra money raised in the drive will be used to help other veterans affected by Harvey's floodwaters.

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Fly's daughter Kathy said she could never put on a price on the surge of support her family has seen this week.

“It’s turned such a disaster into such an amazing experience,” Kathy Fly Walker told KHOU.  “It really has.”