Harvey death toll now stands at 70

Hurricane Harvey's death toll now stands at 70 in the aftermath of its devastating roar through Texas, according to local city and county officials.

Harvey ravaged Texas’ eastern coast for days with severe rain and high winds, causing major flooding and destruction of homes.

The latest death report included a lineman electrocuted while working to restore electricity near the town of Bloomington, as well as several people with medical conditions intensified by flooding or delayed medical treatment, according to county emergency officials.

The total Harvey death count extends across 13 counties. Harris County reportedly has the highest count, with at least 30 reported deaths, according to officials. At least 10 counties have no confirmed deaths.


With the storm now over, Texas is working to move forward and rebuild, including getting the state’s gasoline operation back up and running.

Any shortages are expected to be resolved within the next few days, according to Ryan Sitton of the Texas Railroad Commission.

The Texas Railroad Commission regulates the oil and gas industry in the state.

Sitton said all pipelines are again operational and supply truck companies are working to get gas to local stations.

Additionally, several refineries that were temporarily shut down due to Harvey have since restarted, except for a few that are undergoing inspections, he said.

Associated Press contributed to this report.