Dash camera video shows a Maine state trooper locating an elderly man with Alzheimer’s disease on the side of the road and carrying him out of a ditch amid freezing temperatures. 

Trooper Tyler Harrington coming across the man, 82-year-old Bernard Perry, in a ditch around 5 a.m. Wednesday on Mudget Hill Rd. in Vassalboro, of just about 4,300 people in Kennebec County. 


Footage shows Harrington carrying the man – wearing jeans and flannel – across the freshly plowed road, which was lined with snow before dawn, back to his cruiser. 

Maine state trooper carries elderly man who wandered off during storm to safety. 

Maine state trooper carries elderly man who wandered off during storm to safety.  (Maine State Police )

Maine State Police said Perry was suffering from severe hypothermia and frostbite and Harrington had to carry him because he was unable to walk. WCVB reported the man also suffers from Alzheimer's. 

Troopers had been scouring the area following a report of an elderly man wandering off from his home in the same town. They gathered intelligence from a town plow truck driver who said he had spotted the man walking in the area during the early morning hours during a storm, state police said. 

After carrying the man back to the cruiser, Harrington waited for an ambulance to arrive. Perry was transported to Maine General Hospital in Augusta, where police said he is recovering from his injuries.


"We are grateful Bernard Perry was found in a timely manner and is recuperating," Main State Police wrote on its Facebook page in sharing the video. "We are also thankful for Trooper Harrington, Maine State Police Troopers and all Law Enforcement Officers in Maine who do an exceptional job protecting the citizens of Maine and all those who visit our great state."