Jury in 1979 missing boy Etan Patz case says it's deadlocked again; judge deciding response

The jury deliberating in the murder trial of a man accused of kidnapping and killing 6-year-old Etan Patz (AY'-tahn payts) in 1979 says it is deadlocked — for a third time.

Jurors have been deliberating the case against Pedro Hernandez since April 15. They had announced they were deadlocked twice before, on April 29 and Tuesday.

The judge on Friday has yet to decide how to respond.

Jurors also said April 29 that they were deadlocked. The judge told them then to keep deliberating.

Etan was among the first missing children pictured on milk cartons. The anniversary of his disappearance is National Missing Children's Day.

Hernandez made a confession in 2012. His lawyers say it's false, and they've pointed to another suspect who wasn't charged.