Israeli widow of NYC rabbi killed in Mumbai terrorist attacks gets green card to stay in US

The Israeli widow of a New York City rabbi killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008 can remain in the United States permanently.

Michael Wildes says his client, Frumet Teitelbaum, was granted a green card last week.

Teitelbaum was stopped at John F. Kennedy International Airport in March after arriving from Israel, where she lived. She had come to visit her eight American-born children, who were staying with her late husband's family in Brooklyn. She was stopped for overusing her visitor's visa.

Wildes says Teitelbaum obtained a green card under a post 9/11 law that allows families of terror victims the right to permanent residency.

Rabbi Leibish Teitelbaum died after gunmen struck the Chabad-Lubavitch movement's center in Mumbai during a three-day rampage.


Information from: New York Post,