Iraq veteran, service dog turned away from Mass. diner

An Iraq veteran says he feels "belittled" after he and his certified service dog were refused a return visit to a Massachusetts diner.

James Glasser told he's an Iraq veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder that helped by his dog, Jack. Glasser said Monday he's looking for some understanding from the diner owner after "defending his right to own that restaurant."

"My feet just got into the restaurant and I 'hear get that (exploitive) fake service dog out of my restaurant,'" Glasser told the station.

Russel Ireland, owner of Big I's in Oxford, said he felt it was an unsanitary situation because when Glasser and Jack came in once before, the dog wasn't wearing a harness or muzzle and ate from a plate.

Glasser said that when he was turned away, he called police who explained to Ireland that the dog is allowed inside.

"Just the fact he did it in public, I never felt so belittled in my life," Glasser told

Ireland told he acknowledges he "overreacted" and wishes he had handled it better.

"I didn't say anything last time he was in, so it was partially my fault," Ireland told the station. "I admit this, I overreacted, granted, I'm only human." reported that no charges have been filed, but Glasser plans to file an Americans with Disabilities Act complaint.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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