A North Carolina woman who flies a flag in honor of her son who was killed in a mass shooting said she was notified by her homeowner’s association last month that it must be removed, according to reports.

“I feel like they are trying to take my son from me one more time,” Leslie Kendra, who has been flying an “Illinois Strong” flag and an American flag on a flagpole in her front yard in Wake Forest, N.C., told the Chicago Tribune.

Her son, Clayton Parks, 32, was killed by a disgruntled former coworker at a business in Aurora, Ill. On Feb. 15. The shooter killed four others before he was killed by police.

Kendra flies the "Aurora Stong" flag and the American flag on her property. (Leslie Kendra/HANDOUT)


The issue, according to the homeowner’s association, isn’t the flags but rather the flagpole.

Kendra and her husband installed the 20-foot flagpole in May, and she said she received a letter from the homeowner’s association last month that said the flagpole was in violation of “community rules” and she could be fined up to $100 per day, the Tribune reported.

Kendra said the homeowner’s association has dropped the fees after the dispute made the local news, but she said the association stipulated the flagpole must be relocated and shortened to 15 feet and the “Aurora Strong” flag can only be flown on Feb. 15 each year.

The homeowner’s association, in a letter to the Beacon-News, said it extends its sincerest condolences to the family and “look forward to resolving this manner in an amicable and professional manner," according to the Tribune.

Kendra has also reached out to the state’s attorney’s office for help and said without a resolution she’ll remove the flagpole by the end of the month.


“People have sports teams things on their mailbox,” Kendra told the Tribune. “I just don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with this.”