FOX NEWS FIRST: SC governor hopes for 'Trump bump' in primary runoff; Democrats fear Leftist harass backlash

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Developing now, Tuesday, June 26, 2018

  • The South Carolina GOP gubernatorial runoff will be the focus as voters will decide primary contests in seven states Tuesday
  • Democrats reportedly worry that calls to publicly shame Trump administration officials will hurt them at the polls and possibly the November midterm elections
  • The Justice Department refused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes's request for more information about the FBI's use of alleged informants in 'spygate'
  • The Trump administration has temporarily scaled back a key element of its 'zero tolerance' immigration policy amid backlash over the separation of children from their illegal immigrant families
  • FOX News has learned the identity of the Congressional intern who cursed at President Trump on Capitol Hill last week  - and that the intern will not be fired

THE LEAD STORY - ALL EYES ON THE PALMETTO STATE: President Trump is not on the ballot, but he has invested time, energy and political capital in a slate of primary contests across America that will again test his clout within his own party. Voters will have their say in seven states Tuesday, but the contest that matters most to Trump is South Carolina, where he appeared at a rally Monday to help Gov. Henry McMaster hours before polls opened ... The Republican governor, one of Trump's first high-profile supporters, is fighting for his political life against self-made millionaire John Warren in a runoff election ... The South Carolina gubernatorial race headlined the latest in a series of primary contests that stretched across New York, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Maryland and Mississippi on Tuesday. With the November general election nearly four months away, more than half of all states will have selected their general-election candidates after Tuesday's votes are counted.

'AUNTIE MAXINE' BACKFIRING ON DEMS? - Some Democrats are reportedly concerned that public appeals to “absolutely harass” Trump administration officials will come back to hurt them in the polls and benefit Republicans ... There have been several recent instances where Trump officials have been publicly shamed, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who was asked to leave by an owner of a restaurant in Virginia. The Washington Post’s editorial board wrote a column titled, “Let the Trump team eat in peace.” The paper identified the heightened state of “passions” in the country, but saw no benefit in protesters interrupting dinners.

Democrats warned that these public encounters could win sympathy for the Trump administration, The Los Angeles Times reported. Rep. Maxine Waters, in the meantime, is not backing down from her weekend comments calling for people to confront members of the Trump administration at gas stations and anywhere else they're seen in public.

FBI CLAIMS CONFIDENTIALITY: The Justice Department on Monday declined to answer requests by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., for more information about the reported use of FBI informants while investigating President Trump's 2016 campaign ... Nunes had given Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein until 5 p.m. ET to say whether the FBI had used "informants against members or associates of the Trump campaign and if so, how many informants were used and how much money was spent on their activities?" In his response to Nunes, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said: "Many of your requests relate to documents and information regarding issues surrounding confidential human sources that are solely in the custody and control of the FBI."

SLIGHT, TEMPORARY SHIFT IN 'ZERO-TOLERANCE': The Trump administration has temporarily halted the practice of turning over parents to prosecutors for charges of illegally entering the country, scaling back a key part of its "zero-tolerance" immigration policy amid the controversy over separating children from their illegal immigrant families at the border ... Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said Monday that President Trump's executive order last week to stop splitting immigrant families at the border required a temporary halt to prosecuting parents and guardians, unless they had criminal history or the child's welfare was in question. He insisted the White House's zero tolerance policy toward illegal entry remained intact.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders acknowledged the policy shift, but attributed it to the government resources being stretched thin. “We’re not changing the policy. We’re simply out of resources,” she said.

F-BOMBER REVEALED: The Congressional intern who hollered “Mr. President, f--- you!” across the Capitol Rotunda last week during a presidential visit has been identified ... Sources tell Fox News the woman in question is 21-year-old Caitlin Marriott, who is interning in the office of Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H. Fox News is told Marriott has not been terminated and will continue to work there through August. FOX News learned she received a week-long suspension and will be confined to her duties in Hassan's office.


THE LEFT'S TRUMP NIGHTMARE: "Donald Trump was never supposed to be elected by you, the people. He is a threat to everything that is wrong about them. His success is the Left's worst nightmare" – Sean Hannity, in his opening monologue on "Hannity," explaining why some of President Trump's opponents have become "utterly psychotic and unhinged." WATCH

SUBPOENA POWER: "They can ask for it until the cows come home. They're not going to get it." – Judge Andrew Napolitano, on "Outnumbered Overtime," pointing out that unless the House Intelligence Committee subpoenas the FBI and Department of Justice, it's unlikely it will see the documents about the FBI's use of an alleged informant within President Trump's 2016 campaign. WATCH


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General Electric to officially exit Dow Jones Industrial Average Tuesday.

Final Toys R Us stores to close by Friday.

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