An independent contractor was fired by a black couple in Georgia after he pulled up to their house Saturday with a Confederate flag attached to the back of his truck.

The Atlanta couple, Allison and Zeke Brown, had hired the contractor to replace the brakes on their golf cart. A Ring camera captured the couples' interaction with the contractor.

"Hi, you know what, I do apologize, I know you've come from a very long way, but we're going to use someone else," Allison Brown, 40, tells the contractor as he appears to get out of the vehicle.

"She's upset with the flag," Zeke Brown, 48, is heard telling the contractor.

The contractor offers to remove the flag, but Allison tells him: "No, you don't need to take it down. You can continue to believe what you need to believe, sir. But no, I cannot pay you for your services. Thank, have a good day."

The contract gets back in his truck and drives away. Zeke told Yahoo Lifestyle he had chatted with the contractor for three days, and that at no point was he disrespectful.


"He hadn't been disrespectful prior, so seeing the flag did not fit my preconceptions," Zeke said. "That flag was absurd -- I had to walk back into the house to calm myself down."

Some who watched the interaction on social media lauded Allison Brown for her calm demeanor.


The contractor told Yahoo Lifestyle that he "doesn't support slavery" but will not take it down because his siblings had asked him to fly it for the Fourth of July.

"If [the family] wants to take offense, they can," he said.