Alaska reporter who quit on air: If I had put in my 2 weeks, no one would've known

A KTVA Anchorage reporter who uttered an expletive live on-air before quitting her job to focus on legalizing marijuana in Alaska told her critics Thursday she had no regrets.

In an interview with's Jonathan Hunt, Alaska Cannabis Club President Charlo Greene said her stunt only benefited her cause of marijuana legalization.

"It was thought through and planned as just an exit," Greene said. "If I had just given my two weeks, the viewers would have never known, Alaskans would have never known this issue, which is that medical marijuana is just a paper thing, it's not a real thing in Alaska, but Ballot Measure 2 is a way to make medical marijuana real."

Alaskans will vote on November 4 on Ballot Measure 2, which would legalize marijuana use for those over 21 and regulate its production, sale and use in the state.

"The fact that I'm sitting here with you on talking about Ballot Measure 2 and what it means for Alaskans right here today just shows that whatever I did worked to spark a conversation about marijuana reform in Alaska, across the nation and across the world," Greene said.

Watch the full interview with Charlo Greene in the video above.