109-Year-Old Arkansas Woman's Wish Comes True

At 109 years old,  Bertie Ross was asked what she would do if she could do anything.

Her answer included a new dress, new wig, and eating catfish at Benny Bob's in Blytheville, Arkansas, reports MyFoxMemphis.

In response to a question about what has made her so special to live 109 years- she answered, "Treating people right...living right."

Ross was granted her wish by an organization called Second Wind Dreams.

They make it their goal to change the perception on aging, and empower people to age with dignity, hope and joy.

One of the ways they work towards this is by finding those receiving elder care and offering wish fulfillment.

The organization operates nationwide, granting one to two wishes a day.

Ross is the oldest dreamer in both the U.S. and Canada

When asked if her family goes to her for advice, she responded, "not all the time."

But gently affirmed that she thinks they should.

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