Ann Coulter Previews New Book 'Demonic'

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Tonight we continue to monitor breaking developments surrounding the Anthony Weiner scandal. Joining me now in studio with more on that, plus an exclusive first look at what a soon to be a New York Times number one bestseller.

It's the explosive controversial new book, "Demonic, How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America." It hits stores tomorrow morning. Bestselling author, Ann Coulter is here.

First of all, the book is phenomenal. Every time I read your books, I want to know where the liberals are going to attack you. Let's start with the title. A lot of what you say here fits into Weiner --

ANN COULTER, "DEMONIC" AUTHOR: Yes. I mean, certainly the liberal reaction to it. Part of -- what the book is about and the reason it is called "Demonic" is that I've always sort of noticed that liberals behave in a mob-like way.

So I read every book I could find that mentions mobs, crowds, group- think and finally read Gustave Le Bon's "The Crowd, A Study of the Popular Mind." He's the father of group think, French philosopher, social psychologist and you read his book and page after page oh, that's liberals. That's liberals.

For example, creating messiahs, a crowd very quickly goes to extremes, they're simple-minded, they will create messiahs and I have a hilarious chapter because I quote liberals on what they say about FDR, JFK, about Clinton, about Obama, fainting at his speeches, they're pledging their loyalty to him. Same thing with Clinton, go back to him and meanwhile, Ronald Reagan wasn't even the most popular conservative his first year in office. My newspaper "Human Events," which was Ronald Reagan's favorite newspaper was attacking him so much. The Washington Post reported at one point that Reagan said and I'm still reading you guys, but I'm liking you a lot less. And I've got headlines throughout all late years of the Reagan administration.

We don't worship our leaders. We don't turn them into idols, probably because we have a real savior. We certainly don't demonize the opponents that way we do. We may ridicule them, make jokes about them. But the way they turned George Bush into the enemy, a Nazi. George Soros and Al Gore have all compared him to Hitler. He was compared to Usama bin Laden by a New York Times op-ed writer. William Raspberry, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, a liberal, called him the devil.

These aren't intended to be jokes. They are not taken as jokes and then you do get actual violence from the left. You still get it now. Big part in the middle comparing the French Revolution to the American Revolution, something liberals lie about. I was surprised how many of my friends knew very little about the French revolution and then you always see being lied about including on Chris Matthews show last week. It was just like ours, wasn't that for liberty?

The New York Times talks about Bastille Day being the equivalent to the 4th of July. No, Bastille Day, it would be as if this country celebrated the L.A. riots. It was a monstrous, beastly attack on a nearly empty prison because it was an eyesore based on rumors. This is the revolt of a mob. It was an extremely anti-religious revolution. They desecrated Notre Dame.

In fact, the word vandalism had to be created because of the French revolution and what they did to the churches and monasteries. They destroyed ancient valuable monasteries, ripped them to the ground, hacked priests to death, gave mock sermons, wiping their behinds with the host, talking about the whore the Virgin Mary. That was their revolution. It's a revolution of the mob that was then followed in Russia. It was followed in Cuba. It was followed in China. It was followed in Cambodia.

By the way liberals in this country and The New York Times cheered on all those revolutions that followed the French revolution. The successful revolution, our revolution, which was fought by Christians, Englishmen, thinkers, debaters, that has not been followed around the world. Interestingly enough the Tea Party, the original Boston Tea Party was not warmly embraced by our founding fathers. They were worried because they thought it was the action of a mob.

HANNITY: Let me just go. Right out of the box. You talk about the psychology of the liberal and the Democratic Party is the party of a mob. Irrespective of what the mob represents. They activate mobs. They depend on mobs. They coddle mobs.

You know, you're on "Good Morning America" tomorrow. The first question is going to be are you saying all liberals and all Democrats are mobsters, Ann Coulter? There's a point that you're making -- that's why I wanted you to go on uninterrupted here because throughout the book you are laying out a case that ends in a conclusion. It's not something we could even get in in two segments, but I really want you to follow through from that starting point and all the examples and you lead us through the French revolution to conclude -- to come up with this title "Demonic," which they will freak out about, why?

COULTER: Well, I began the book with the scene in the Bible when Jesus approaches the possessed man and this man screaming out of his mind. Don't torture me. Jesus, little exchange, Jesus says what is your name? He answers my name is Legion.

The demons run out of him. The demon's name is Legion. The demon is always a mob. You see this over and over again. In real life exorcisms, they talk to the possessed. It is always they. Satan saying they all belong to me and this is -- I mean, it is part of why liberals are a mob and are so obsessed with status and power. Conservatives, as I said, have a real savior. It is more up and down. We don't care as much. In fact, Christians kind --

HANNITY: People suggest you are saying that all liberals are demonic, you are not saying that. There's a point though that you are making about --

COULTER: Mobs are always demonic. They are antithetical to this country's history. We have always understood that mobs were dangerous. I mean, Shays' Rebellion is what created the Constitution. It was a mob uprising.

And the articles of confederation weren't enough to keep the people safe. As I say, the Boston Tea Party. They very concerned that it looked like the action of a mob and two of the participants Paul Revere and Sam Adams specifically defended the Boston Tea Party saying there was no property destruction, other than the Tea. Ben Franklin insisted they take up a collection to repay the India Tea Company. Paul Revere made sure the lock had to be cut for the Boston Tea Party was replaced. And one guy who took tea for his personal use was severely punished. It was not the act of a mob, but even that much upset them.

HANNITY: We are going to come back. As with all of your books, we try predict where the attacks are going to come from.

COULTER: You can't do it. Let's have an office pool here at Fox and see if anyone -- but you're all going to have the read the book.

HANNITY: I'm going to tell where I think it is. We'll tell you in the break. We're going to take a break. We're going to come back. Much more with Ann Coulter straight ahead.



MATT LAUER, CO-HOST: Let me just get to this little controversy. You've been all over the blogs in the last day or so. We cancelled your appearance Tuesday and from what I've been reading, you felt you were banned for life from the show. Were you behind that report?

COULTER: No, I didn't say that. That was from a reliable news report.

The point is, I was cancelled twice. It wasn't until the Drudge Report ran a headline on its own reporting and the Drudge Report has never had to retract a report.

LAUER: You know, the book is called "Guilty" Ann Coulter. I'm glad you are back.

COULTER: So am I, thank you. Nice to see you again.

LAUER: All right, we are going to -- by the way, you are not banned for life, obviously, OK. Next book comes out, I'm sure you'll be sitting here -- you'll be sitting right here again.

COULTER: Thank you, I'm delighted to hear that.


HANNITY: Wow, you've been invited back?

COULTER: No apparently, the Drudge Report is a better reporter than Matt Lauer even about what Matt Lauer is going to do in the future. Drudge, right again. Always believe Drudge. Banned for life.

HANNITY: But "Good Morning America" and that you're on "The View" later this week. When you get under fire, we'll have you back.

COULTER: They're thinking Thursday night.

HANNITY: All right, look, I don't want to interrupt -- you and I had an hour debate, discussion on radio today. I thought it was really fascinating. I don't want to get into that because once we go down that road --

COULTER: There's so much more in this book.

HANNITY: There really is. I want you -- the one thing we did not get to, that I think is important. I want to -- tied into what is a very powerful conclusion because I think you are leading up to something. And I want you to explain to people what it is.

COULTER: I think Americans at this point -- I was starting to say just before the break. Americans have always understood the danger of mobs. They are all dangerous. They are always demonic thus the Shays' Rebellion creating our Constitution, Boston Tea Party not feeling so warmly about that.

HANNITY: I liked the Boston Tea Party though.

COULTER: It was very peaceful. The only thing more peaceful than the original Boston Tea Parties are today's Tea Parties where they leave the mall cleaner than when they got there.

OK, then during the Civil War you had again Democrats in New York, engaging in massive horrible mobbing against blacks in New York, lynchings, dragging, (INADUBLE) and all and Abraham Lincoln sends -- another Democrat mob, they're always the Democrats -- sends the military. A little detour up to New York, crushes the mob goes back, wins the war and the Abraham Lincoln carries New York in the next election.

So we've had mob uprisings before, but we've always known, you can't reason with a mob. I think conservatives, I think a lot of peaceful Americans have forgotten that. We did have something as close as this country got to the French revolution in the 60s with the Welderman and SDS and bombings --

HANNITY: -- you have interesting stuff in here about our buddy, Bill Ayers. I'm not going to give it up because I want people to buy it.

COULTER: A small item. But the point is, Nixon came in, shut it down. There was a shooting at (INAUDIBLE) State and gosh, I know liberals don't like it. The whole country was embarrassed. I'm not embarrassed. That's what you do with a mob. They were monstrous. It was being led by Bill Ayers, best friend and male love --

HANNITY: When you are dealing with mob rule. When you are dealing with --

COULTER: Over react --

HANNITY: OK, when you are dealing with a lie, too. Remember the road less traveled author, Scott Peck also wrote a second book, "The People or the Lie."

When what he talked about, when there's a lie there is also evil. He was talking about, but there is a sinister predictable technique and tactic to attack and slander and besmirch people. For example, the latest one is on Medicare. What are you dealing with and how do you affect --

COULTER: That is all part of the crowd psychology. They don't -- it is from Rousseau, the paranoid hypochondriac that inspired the French Revolution. Don't speak to people in words, use images. Speak to the heart not the head.

Well, that's what they are doing with Medicare. They won't talk about the fact that it's about to go bankrupt. They will show a picture of Congressman Ryan pushing a woman in her wheelchair. They use images. That's how you gin up a mob. You don't do it through careful arguments about how we need to cut taxes because that will increase revenue to the government.

HANNITY: All right, we are going to see you later this week. It's in bookstores everywhere,

COULTER: As of midnight tonight.

HANNITY: Honestly, really thought provocative well researched book. Ann Coulter, thanks for being with us. I can wait until you get in trouble.

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