Tech the halls: Stocking stuffers under $25

Here are 10 stocking stuffers for your gadget-loving friend that won't break the bank.


    <b>G-Project G-Zip Wireless Speaker</b>

    For an instant party anywhere, simply plug this pocket-sized speaker into your music player for upp to eight hours of playback.

    <b>Selfie Remote Control for iPhone ($14.00)</b>

    Do you have a selfie-obsessed friend? Look no further than the Selfie Remote Control for iPhone users. This light-weight remote control gives users the ability to have more control over their selfies.

    <b>Paperback ($7.95)</b>

    Although iPhones come with a notepad app, there's nothing quite as satisfying as crossing off your to-do list the old fashioned way. That's where Paperback comes in: the sticky notes attach perfectly to the back of an iPhone.

    <b>Grid-It Ultimate Organizer ($9.99 - $14.99)</b>

    The days of digging for your phone at the bottom of your bag are over. Grid-It Ultimate Organizer helps to keep your necessities in one place.

    <b>iTunes gift card ($25.00)</b>

    With a $25 gift card to iTunes, your friend can choose between Angry Birds and purchasing their favorite Christmas tunes. Personalize the card on Apple's website.

    <b>Crayon Stylus ($9.99)</b>

    This stylus blends childhood nostalgia with modern technology.

    <b>Cell Buckle ($24.95)</b>

    The Cell Buckle great gift for your friend who can't go anywhere without his cell phone. This device can mount your phone on almost any bike, motorcycle and handle bar so you can use your GPS or listen to tunes on the go.
    Cell Buckle/Amazon

    <b>Banana Appeal Phone Stand ($9.99)</b>

    This iPhone stand will keep your smartphone from slipping off of your desk.

    <b>MicroMax Plus 2 LED Microscope ($18.52-$25.00)</b>

    Turn your iPhone into a digital microscope with Carson's MicroMax Plus 2 iPhone 5 compatible device.

    <iTap touch screen gloves ($20.00)</b>

    iTap gloves keep your fingers warm and toasty while still allowing you to use your touchscreen smartphone.
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