Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Classroom With These Apps for Students

It’s back to school time -- no more hitting that snooze button!

Sadly, it’s time to phase out of summer mode and back into the classroom. So cut the slack and stay ahead of the curve with these apps for students, which can take the place of your school agenda book -- and those pricey textbooks and graphing calculator.

Grades 2

It can be stressful with so much going on as a student these days -- classwork, homework, after-school activities, sports, family -- so it may be time to upgrade your trapperkeeper. There’s a new way to stay organized using the Grades 2 app. Stay on track by simply inputting your class schedule with its corresponding syllabus, teacher and room info, list of assignments and your grades on quizzes, test, etc. with percentage value throughout the semester.

Enter a target GPA and the app will tell you what score you need on your next assignments to reach your goal (or warn you if you need to ask for extra credit work). This organizational app also will alert you to when assignments are due, so you'll never lose points for missed homework. Now, you've no excuses!

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Click here to download Grades 2 from iTunes.

Here’s how it works:


Another way to have all of your school-related content, notes and assignments in one place is with CourseSmart eTextbooks. You may never have to run back to your locker for a textbook again.

Access your textbooks by leasing them on your Android device, iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to take notes right on the page as you study, easily find the page you are looking for with the search function, and scan for images, tables, graphs and charts. The app is free to download, but each textbook has a licensing fee -- one that's generally cheaper than purchasing a physical book, that is.

If you like to keep your textbooks for later reference or turn them in at the end of the semester for their resell value, this may not be the best option for you. But it sure is convenient.

Download eTextbooks from iTunes.

Download eTextbooks from the Android Market.

Here’s how it works:

Graphing Calculator

You may not be a mathematician, but your smartphone can help you conquer calculus.

Remember those expensive graphing and scientific calculators people had to purchase for class? Now there's another (much cheaper) option that adds up to the same results -- the $1.99 Graphing Calculator app, with the ability to graph multiple equations and e-mail the results directly to your teacher.

You can even project results on a TV, or external monitor and manipulate the screen by dragging it side to side or zooming in and out. It has all of the functions of those old dinosaurs, such as finding the exact (x,y) coordinates for roots, intersections, minimums and maximums using the trace mode, as well as all of the functions you know and probably hate: log, log2, log10, ln, exp, sin, cos, tan, and more.

Click here to download the Graphing Calculator app from iTunes.