Get ready: 'Grand Theft Auto V' is coming

A year after the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released, a new one has arrived to whet fans' appetites for the latest installment.

GTA V, which publisher Rockstar Games is expected to release next spring, sees the action return to Los Santos and its surrounding areas. The city, Rockstar's interpretation of Los Angeles, first appeared in 2004's GTA San Andreas, and the adult-themed trailer shows how the opulence of the mansions and the fast cars contrast with the slum areas, drug dealers and addicts.

The story is told through three characters -- Michael, Trevor and Franklin -- and a player can control all of them during the game. According to Game Informer, in one mission Michael rappels down the side of a building, Franklin provides covering fire with a sniper rifle, while Trevor controls the getaway vehicle.

The Grand Theft Auto universe has always been both massive and immersive.

When flying a helicopter over a city, for example, each tiny car or ant-like pedestrian that can be seen below can be interacted with.

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Developer Rockstar North, which is based in Edinburgh, has now attempted to make those character animations look more realistic. GTA V's game world is said to be the biggest environment ever seen in the series -- San Andreas holding the previous record -- and includes Los Santos itself, the surrounding desert and nearby Mount Chiliad.

A recurring criticism of the GTA games has been the way the main characters are controlled.

Gamers claimed the controls were sometimes sluggish and contrasted with other modern first-person shooter titles, such as Call Of Duty. But according to Rockstar, shooting has evolved in terms of both its feel and mechanics, while melee combat has been made "really fun and strong."

GTA V is initially being released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version is likely to follow.