Facebook Reveals Who Doesn't Want to Be Your Friend Anymore

Update: Facebook told FoxNews.com on Sunday that it has fixed the bug described in this story.

Want to find out who defriended you on Facebook? Yep. There’s an app for that.

Facebook made headlines and heads turn this week with yet another design overhaul. The biggest change this go-around is the introduction of the Timeline, which shows any and all activity of a user in chronological order. That exposes an unusual bit of information: Users will be able to see who has removed them from their friend list, according to technology blog Buzz Feed.

“Sounds like a troublemaker,” wrote one commentor on the FoxNews.com SciTech Facebook page

The new design doesn’t go live until September 29th, but people have figured out a simple means for enabling the beta version.

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By simply entering the new FaceBook developer site and creating an application for the social networking site, you can be granted developer status. With it, you can easily enable the ability to test drive the new profile -- and find out who has decided to end your virtual friendship.

Step-by-step guides have popped on various blog showing how how to get the timeline up and running in just a few minutes.

This information was readily available before, of course, by simply surfing to the profile of a person you're friends with. But putting it all in one location could reveal some surprising revelations.

And FoxNews.com confirmed that the timeline is easily enabled, and discovering a list revealing who has decided to defriended you is easily uncovered in just a few minutes.

After creating an “app,” I went to the timeline and clicked on the current year. Then I scrolled down to a box on the Timeline for friends and clicked the link titled, “Made X new friends," revealing a pop-up showing every friend made on Facebook for the year -- even those I'm no longer friends with.

Facebook declined to respond to FoxNews.com requests for information, but the company will clearly be working out any kinks or unusual use cases before the new design goes live.

Hopefully this information won't cause any rifts among friends before then.

“Fun! =-) People always get so hostile when I unfriend them,” said another commentor on Facebook.

“I'm sure to get a lot of death threats now.”