Watch: High school softball player's double trick shot is a big hit online

Trick shot videos are a dime a dozen on the Web, but a new clip out of Texas might be one of the best.

While she was taking batting practice outside her Cedar Hill home, high school softball player Marissa Arriaga decided to try a double trick shot.

In the video, posted on Sunday, Arriaga is seen in front of a batting tee knocking her bat on the ground in a kind of juggling maneuver, then kicking the tee out from under the ball. As the softball falls, the junior kicks it up a few feet like soccer players do, then swings the bat, connecting perfectly with the ball.

The video has gone viral and has been viewed more than 7 million times now.

“I had done two tricks before that (one), but I had never tried to kick the ball off the tee and hit it,” Arriaga told Fox News on Tuesday. “So that was the tricky part.”

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She said she has some soccer training, having played it since she was 12, which helped her during the maneuver.

“I might just come up with another trick soon,” Arriaga added.

She hopes to go to the University of Texas in Austin, and this video might be a great clip to include on a sports reel if she gets recruited. Either for softball or soccer.

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