There are few things more depressing than a sad mascot.

Youppi!, the mascot for the Montreal Canadiens was on the wrong end of a bet with Jimmy Fallon over the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The furry hockey figurehead had wagered with the late night host that if the Canadiens won the Eastern Conference finals against the Rangers, Fallon would have to do his monologue in a Canadiens jersey. If the Rangers won, Youppi! had to go around Montreal in a Rangers jersey.

And as Youppi! showed first hand, the Rangers were victorious.

Although I'm sure a few tears were shed, Youppi! held up his end of the deal.

Take a look at the some of the pictures from Youppi!'s not-so-happy day wearing a Rangers Fallon jersey in Montreal. More pictures can be found on the Canadiens Twitter feed.