Olympics Coverage: US Preps to Take on Argentina After Tough Game

After a tough game against Lithuania, the U.S. Olympic men's basketball team  is prepping to face one of its longtime rivals: Argentina.

The Mike Krzyzewski-led team, which includes NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, is looking to defeat an aging Argentine team in order to make the top position in Group A on their way to a gold medal, ESPN.com is reporting.

The U.S. will play Argentina on Monday after nearly losing to Lithuania in a close 99-94 game on Saturday.

Small forward Carmelo Anthony told SportsIllustrated.com that Lithuania blindsided the team and caught them “off guard.”

“Lithuania, they almost played perfect," Anthony added.

"They kind of caught us off-guard and had us on our heels for a moment. So today is definitely a tune-up day for us getting on the practice court, getting some things done. [We will] talk about some things, get ready for tomorrow.''

According to Sports Illustrated, the U.S. will need to be prepared to take on Argentina since the Argentines are fully aware of that the U.S.'s NBA-heavy squad wants to prove they are the top dog in the Olympic tournament.

Still smarting from the tough game against Lithuania, Coach Krzyzewski said that the U.S. squad had some work to do.

"Lithuania was quick as one on offense," Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski told Sports Illustrated.

"Overall, we've been quick as one on defense. We weren't quick as one on defense yesterday, but for the most part that's who we've been."