Minnesota's new AD is moving out of Syracuse in style

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It's not football season -- and even if it were, Minnesota isn't on Syracuse's 2016 football schedule -- so this was a curious sight Wednesday in central New York:

Jim Teske is a weatherman in Syracuse, and in addition to being able to tell us when it's raining by looking out the window, he knows something isn't right about a University of Minnesota football truck rolling through Orange Country.

So Syracuse.com connected the dots on the rest of the story: Mark Coyle is leaving his post as athletic director after 11 months at Syracuse University to take the same position at the University of Minnesota. The website stopped by his house to find the truck parked outside.

A University of Minnesota football program spokesperson then admitted to Syracuse.com in a statement that the whole using-a-football-truck-to-move-personal-belongings thing isn't exactly standard practice -- even if it's a great way to get the neighbors' attention:

"A University of Minnesota football equipment truck has occasionally been used to move new employees to Minnesota. In this situation, a different truck should have been used by the transportation company who owns the vehicle. Mark Coyle and members of the Minnesota athletic department were not aware that this truck was being used."

Coyle might want to pull into his new digs in Minnesota with a little less fanfare. With the football and basketball programs struggling and the athletic department still recovering from a scandal, he might not want everyone in town knowing where the new AD lives until things get turned around.