Derrick Johnson has earned himself a Chiefs contract extension

Derrick Johnson just keeps chugging alone in the heat of K.C.'s defense. It's time to pay the man. Jamie Squire Getty Images

Derrick Johnson is three weeks from his 33rd birthday, but he's showing no signs of slowing down.

The Chiefs should just pony up and pay the man to finish his career in red and gold. Johnson should never touch the free agent market when his contract ends before next season.

How much is Johnson worth? This chart, courtesy of Pro Football Focus, might help:

The two linebackers ahead of Johnson on that list both received multi-year extensions. Johnson shouldn't expect Kuechly money -- he's older and coming off Achilles surgery from last year.

But Johnson has more solo tackles and two more interceptions than Wright. A similar deal shouldn't be out of the question, particulary for a player who's meant so much to the K.C. defense. (h/t Pro Football Focus on Twitter)