Bills LB Steward proposed to late fiancee after learning she had terminal cancer

In the death of Buffalo Bills linebacker Tony Steward's fiancee, Brittany Burns, the only thing more overwhelming than the tragedy of their loss is the beauty with which they loved.

Brittany lost her battle with ovarian cancer this week. She'd been diagnosed on Dec. 9. Days later the couple, who met as athletes as Clemson, officially got engaged.

This week, following Brittany's death, Tony took to Instagram to pay tribute to the love they shared.

"Brittany Ann Steward! Wow BEAUTIFUL is the only way I know you," he wrote. "You have the biggest heart I have ever seen in my entire life and I promise you that it will live on in me, our family and every single soul you have touched. You are the strongest and most loving soul to step foot in this world. You have been my rock, my motivation, my heart, my soulmate, my everything since the day I laid eyes on you. Every single day of your life you have been a fighter and I know this because of the unbelievable family you brought me into. We will all honor everything you stand for in life. I will continue to be the person that you always bring out in me. Believe me when I say that I deeply love you with every ounce of everything in me. Love always, Your Fiancee #fightinglikeagirl #fightlikebritt"