Webcams offer glimpse into lives of Alaska's famed Katmai brown bears

Stars snarling at each other, mate-swapping, dominant males posturing and establishing their territory.

It's not quite the "Jersey Shore," but these are among the highlights of the second season of an Internet reality show coming your way this week.

Eight web cams capture the daily lives and drama of Alaska's Katmai National Park and Preserve brown bear population.

"We still want people to have an understanding of what Katmai is like," park ranger Michael Fitz said. "so is able to partner with Katmai to provide many different webcams along the Brooks River so you have a chance to watch the bears and have an opportunity to experience their lives."

The new cameras capture hungry bears standing in water hunting for their lunch as salmon travel upriver to spawn. Another camera offers a rare eye-level view of the massive bears, a site neither rangers nor visitors get to see in person.

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VIDEO: Watch Alaska's brown bears live

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.