Watch: Dolphin swipes tourist's iPad at SeaWorld

The age-old sign warning people not to feed the animals may be in need of an upgrade that includes devices at SeaWorld.

Attendants at SeaWorld Orlando got a surprise over the weekend when a dolphin successfully swiped a park goer’s iPad and gave it a quick dip.

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In a video, shot by Kuadiel Gomez, a resident of Wesley Chapel, FL, one particularly frisky dolphin is seen knocking an iPad out of a woman’s hands. The device plunges into the dolphin tank and the animal, along with other fellow tank residents, proceeds to swim around the tank playfully.

Gomez, who holds season passes to the park told Fox 13 his family visits SeaWorld often and this dolphin’s swim-by snagging is the first of its kind that he and his family have seen.

The incident occurred during a session where parkgoers are allowed to interact with the dolphins and pet them, according to Fox 13.

"That dolphin just lunged and reached the lady, which was unbelievable," Gomez told Fox 13.

Later in the video, a SeaWorld employee is heard reminding park goers to hang on to their belongings because dolphins can successfully grab them.