Thousands of strange artifacts fill Pa. home

Mr. Arm has been collecting strange artifacts since he was a child and with the help of his wife, Velda Von Minx, he’s turned their home into a museum of “oddities."

Among the artifacts at the Trundle Manor: a tumor, an antique gynecological examination chair and human teeth.

“It’s a place of comfort more than anything I suppose … even though we’re surrounded by death and strange things,” Mr. Arm told Fox News. He and his wife have been giving tours for more than five years.

Velda told Fox News she’s the guide for most tours of their home, with guests ranging from local children to out of town visitors.

The antique gynecological examination chair sits in the middle of Mr. Arm and Velda’s kitchen.

“Now it’s our kitchen island.” Velda said. "I make cakes on it.”

Mr. Arm notes that they are collectors and that they have not killed any of the taxidermy found in their home.

Tours of their home are supported by the couple’s day jobs and by donations in the form of money, unique artifacts or alcohol, the couple said.

An expansion of the house might be in the future so they can add even more artifacts to the thousands they already have, Mr. Arm said.