‘Terminator’ polymer regenerates itself

Spanish scientists report to have created the world's first self-healing polymer that can repair itself on its own without any intervention.

The new material, dubbed a "Terminator" polymer in tribute to the T-1000 robot from the "Terminator 2" film, could be a breakthrough in the lifetime of plastic parts used in everyday products, cars and even houses.

"The fact that poly(urea-urethane)s with similar chemical composition and mechanical properties are already used in a wide range of commercial products makes this system very attractive for a fast and easy implementation in real industrial applications," the authors said in a press release.

Published in the Materials Horizons journal of Britain's Royal Society of Chemistry, the self-healing polymer can spontaneously regenerate and heal itself after being cut in two.

Scientists used a razor blade to cut the material in half, they then pressed the pieces together and left the polymer to sit in room temperature untouched for two hours.

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They returned to find the polymer had healed itself when they stretched it manually.

Watch the video below.