RAW DATA: Rough transcript of FBI call allegedly hacked by Anonymous

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A sensitive conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard was recorded by the hacking group Anonymous, it claimed Friday.

The first six minutes of the call is just chatter. After that, they appear to start talking about hackers.

Below is the rough transcript of the call.

6:10 -- Ryan Cleary and James Davis due in court on 27th. Following disco with NY trying to build time in for operational matters.
6:50 -- We've set back arrests of Kayla and Tee-flow until we know what's happening.
7:15 -- How much time is reasonable? I've said 8 weeks. Got Ryan Cleary's indecent images - found by USAF who looked at hard drive. Propose they get dealt with first. That will take 6-8 weeks
8:04 -- FBI express gratitude for flexibility

8:35 -- Lad who was “CSL Sec.” He was of interest to one of you guys in New York. Got arrested just before Christmas. Did stuff over Christmas on “project mayhem” “operation f--- you.”

Hacked Manchester credit union. 15-year-old kid who’s just doing this all for attention. Written statement explaining how he became a hacker and things he’s done. Claimed credit for “steam” gaming site with 32,000 user names and logins and credit card details

10:00  -- His name is **BLEEP** Goes by name of "Tehwongz". He is the face behind CSL Sec (Can't Stop Laughing Security). We have copy of his hard drive here. Another juvenile / wannabe.
11:10  -- Baltimore office leading charge on that one. He's working with "Grandma wongz" and another - his group of friends. He gives two sides of our A4 description of how he got involved.What he's done. A smack from mum or dad might be behind it all.
12:10  -- Any charges? If he did the "steam" job - then maybe, But if just bragging, we'll probably leave with local police. Need to speak to Baltimore office.
13:15  -- Speaking with Irish about Paledium and Porn Source - looking to share some intelligence with them. Probably worth getting back in touch with them.
13:50  -- Got the final forensic report from USAF re: Ryan Cleary hard drive. 325 pages. Quite a piece of work. We're impressed with it.
14:30  -- L.A.: Not much other than what we were sending to Met connecting with Kay-la and probably Tee-flow (aka Chronus). Logs we'd like the Met to go through.