Rare snowy owl found in famed New York City jail

A New York City correction officer on Sunday discovered a snowy owl in a courtyard at the famed jail, Rikers Island, The New York Times reported.

The city has just experienced a heat wave and it is unclear how the native to the Arctic tundra ended up there. The Wild Bird Fund, a nonprofit that assists migratory birds, theorized on Twitter that the bird may have given chase to something and then could not get out.

Snowy owls are considered among the most charismatic wildlife species in the world. The birds are the heaviest owl in North America, ranging from 3 to 6 pounds. They stand 2 feet tall and have 5-foot wingspans. The birds have white plumage, often with black barring, and yellow eyes.

The nonprofit told The Times that the bird—named Lorax after the Dr. Seuss character—will get a physical exam and hopefully return to the wild.

The Associated Press contributed to this report