‘Proof’ of Bigfoot? Group releases list of top 10 filmed encounters

What do Bigfoot and Facebook have in common? A lot of followers.

Yet despite decades of hunting, there’s little scientific evidence to support belief in the stories of a giant, hairy man creature that haunts the woods. Facebook/FindBigfoot aims to change that. Founded in 2010, it’s the first social network dedicated to collecting, curating and analyzing Bigfoot photos and videos.


“Our team and dedicated fans of this site find and authenticate real Bigfoot videos by researchers, accidentally and by people in the right place (forests) and the right time,” the group’s webpage reads. But despite the focus of the group’s research, Facebook/FindBigfoot isn’t trying to validate the existence of the creature. That’s a given, they claim.

“We are not trying to prove that Bigfoot exists. It does in large numbers. We are interested in how they act and their morphology,” the page states.

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The crowd-sourcing research community, which has more than 36,000 fans on Facebook, just released its list of the top 10 trending videos of the beast, alternately known as Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman.

“Fans sometimes have their own favorite Bigfoot videos,” said Jack Barnes, chief video analyst for FB/FB, in a statement. “We can’t ignore those Bigfoot videos that get the most shares and page views.”

The Team uses Youtube analytics to measure videos and determine which are the most popular.

“What’s interesting about the trending videos is some are relatively new, such as the Camper Video recorded in September 2012 and others like Marble Mountain and Twin Hemiplegic have been around for years. This shows the viral aspect of Bigfoot videos and how fans and researchers are revisiting older videos and comparing them to newer ones,” Barnes said.

So is Bigfoot real? You be the judge. Here's the most popular video of the last 30 days, according to the group -- and after the video, the full list of the group’s top 10 videos, and how many page views each garnered over the past 30 days.

1.    Bigfoot Camper Video, 115,431 views 
2.    Stacy Brown Bigfoot FLIR, 62,400 views
3.    The Growl of Bigfoot, 15,477 views 
4.    White Bigfoot, 15,422 views             
5.    Excited Family Sees Bigfoot, 14,802 views 
6.    The Freeman Film of Bigfoot, 14,350 views 
7.    Twin Hemiplegic Bigfoot Utah, 14,288 views 
8.    Bigfoot Camper Video Part 2, 12,178 views 
9.    Bigfoot Marble Mountain, 11,376 views     
10.  Bigfoot: PG Stabilization, 10,904 views