Pottery reportedly given to Goodwill may well be prehistoric

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A piece of pottery given to Goodwill by an anonymous donor in New York may reportedly be a prehistoric artifact taken from a Native American burial site in Oklahoma.

The Buffalo News reports that the 7.5-inch vessel, which turned up last month in the warehouse of Goodwill Industries of Western New York, features a fluted opening and wartlike protrusions.

Photographs of the vessel -- along with its dimensions and the contents of a note found inside -- were posted for only a matter of hours last month before managers began receiving emails about the find, which quickly attracted two bids of $4.99.

"Found in a burial mound near Spiro Oklahoma in 1970," read the note written in pencil on a faded strip of lined paper found inside the piece of pottery.

Oklahoma’s Spiro Mounds, located outside of Oklahoma City, is a prehistoric Native American archaeological site, the newspaper reports. While it was a permanent settlement from approximately 800 to 1450, there were inhabitants in the area for 8,000 years before that, according to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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