Orphaned mountain lion kittens given new home at zoos

A trio of 2-month-old mountain lions are headed to zoos after California wildlife officials scooped them up last week following their mother’s death and nursed them back to health.

The kittens were found in Siskiyou County in northern California wandering around a resident’s yard, fending for themselves, Fox 40 reports.

“They were very young and transitioning from a meat diet, but they are still on a little bit of milk so that’s a very intensive time to take care of them,” said Steve Torres, a member of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Officials decided to send the kittens to zoos since they lost their mother at such a young age and will not be able to learn how to hunt.

One kitten has headed to a zoo in Kansas, while the other two are preparing for life in Texas, Fox 40 reports.

“When they are this young, they do well in captivity and they adapt to the surrounding and the facilities we place them in,” Torres said.

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