Oklahoma wildlife officials hope fish like tornado debris

Debris from the recent tornado that swept through Oklahoma is already being put to use by state conservation officials, who are submerging it in lakes to form "fish attractors."

Cinder blocks scattered by the twister that killed 24 last month have been collected by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, which will use them to make what anglers call “spider blocks,” to sink in state lakes, according to The Oklahoman.

“We've probably got close to 500 right now,” Greg Summers, of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, told the newspaper.

Fish congregate around the spider blocks, which get their name from the appearance given by the PVC pipe that sticks out from the cinder blocks.

“Predators use them as an ambush point,” Summers said. “That's why they are valued as fish attractors because they do attract predators.”

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Spider blocks are usually placed at depths of 12 feet or less, and marked for anglers.

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