Nazi-era time capsule unearthed in Poland

A time capsule buried by Nazis has finally revealed its secrets, and the items inside are said to be in great condition.

The copper cylinder was unearthed earlier this month in Zlocieniec, Poland, and then later opened at the National Museum in Szczecin.

Inside the tube were newspapers from April of 1934, coins, parchment, photographs of Adolf Hitler and even two copies of his treatise, “Mein Kampf,” according to reports about the discovery.

The website for the town’s city hall has posted articles in Polish about how they excavated the time capsule— it reportedly involved coping with old explosives— and then how they opened the vessel at the museum and discovered what was inside of it.

They’ve also been posting news and photographs about the discovery on a Facebook page; a short video posted on Twitter shows the capsule and its contents laid out on a table.

The time capsule was buried over 80 years ago beneath a Nazi training facility, and the town where it was located didn’t become a part of Poland until 1945.