Gladiators seek suits after closing of Turkish re-enactment school

Next time you are dining in Antalya, Turkey, be sure to tip your waiter. He may be a recently out-of-work gladiator.

A poor tourism season in the Turkish city caused the Aspendos Gladiator School to close, leaving many Roman historical re-enactors out of a job.

The 800-capacity arena near the ancient Aspendos theater where the modern-day gladiators would battle in front of a captivated audience is now silent.

Now the performers who used to re-enact execution scenes and host sword fights are looking for work in local hotels and restaurants.

The Aspendos Gladiator School hosted its first fight last year and audience members were given a chance to go back in time and experience ancient Roman entertainment.

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"We plan to continue the performances for the next five years," a consultant from the school Mehmet Bıcıoğlu said after the first performance according to the Hurriyet Daily News. "This is a unique undertaking in the world."

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