Did the story of Noah really happen?

The story of Noah’s flood in the Bible’s Old Testament has been popular for centuries, but the opening of the big-budget Hollywood film “Noah” has reignited fascination. Religious scholars and pundits are asking, did the flood actually happen?

In an interview with Fox News’ Lauren Green, author Larry Stone gave his take on the biblical story. Stone is the author of “Noah, The Real Story,” an account of both the flood and search for Noah’s ark centuries later.

There are over 300 different ancient accounts of flood stories. Stone explained how these reports come from all over the globe.

“Floods do happen all over the world and some say that’s why there are so many flood stories,” Stone said. “But the other alternative is that all these flood stories all over the world are a collective memory of one great, worldwide flood.”

He points out that up until the early 20th century, geologists believed floods of any size couldn’t have tremendous devastation on a global scale. “Yet a geologist found evidence out in the Western United States in the Northwest … that yes, the floods can affect the world,” Stone said.

Stone said there are three scenarios that could explain the flood told in Noah’s story: a “freak flood” on the Euphrates River in Ancient Samaria, Mediterranean Sea floods into the Black Sea, or a substantial flood that covered the world.

Each possibility, Stone says, can relate to actual geological or climate patterns noted in our world’s history.

Watch the full interview above for Larry Stone’s explanation of the three scenarios.